Turn of the Century Victorian Ball Gown

Gold sequined crochet Barbie Doll dress
1900 Century Celebration Costume
Crocheted by Catherine Chant
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We’ve just started a new year and I can’t think of a better crochet project to highlight on such an occasion than this gold sequined turn of the century ball gown.

Can’t you just see the wife of a wealthy railroad magnate in the gilded age wearing this stunning ensemble to a New Year’s Eve party? She’d be the belle of the ball!

Crocheted with gold beads, sequins and metallic gold crochet thread, this gown will make your fashion doll shine! The costume is based on a Paradise Publications pattern (No. 66, P-077, ©2000, 1900 Century Celebration Costume) and took me several months to complete.

The gown itself actually wasn’t too complicated, but the intricate details, such as the lace insert on the bodice, the hair adornments (and the hair style!), as well as the purse, stole and underskirt, took some time to finish due to the small scale.

Crocheting with beads or sequins is relatively easy. The most time-consuming part is stringing the sequins or beads on the thread. I highly recommend a large-eye beading needle for this endeavor. It will make your life so much easier!

The video linked above shows a clever way to string beads on thread or yarn with a regular needle and a knotted piece of sewing thread, so you could try that as well.

Once you have the baubles on the thread, you simply crochet like usual, holding the bead or sequin against the hook as you complete the stitch. This holds it in place in the fabric as you create the gown.

One thing to note about beading with crochet is that the beads always fall to the back of your work, so it works best when creating items in the round (such as the skirt on this gown).

Published by Catherine Chant

Award-winning author Catherine Chant is an RWA Golden Heart® finalist. Her books are available at Amazon.com and other popular book retailers. Catherine is also an avid crafter and knit/crochet designer. Find out more at CatherineChant.com and CatherineChantCrochet.com.

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