Crochet Spotlight: The Anne Boleyn Costume

Crochet Anne Boleyn Doll Costume by Catheirne Chant The Anne Boleyn costume from Annie’s Attic Royal Court collection (circa 1998) was one of my favorites to crochet.

It is also the costume that got me hooked on beading, because as you can see in the picture the headpiece and the bodice are embellished with ruby red beads, and Anne is wearing a beaded necklace with a “B” charm.

The gown itself was very easy to construct. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Annie’s Attic historical costume patterns focus mainly on traditional thread crochet techniques (whereas the Paradise Publications patterns tend to employ many different materials).

As a result, if you can crochet the basic set of stitches, you can make this costume. Each piece uses predominantly single crochet (sc) and double crochet (dc) stitches. The one stitch used in the pattern that may be new to you is the reverse single crochet (for the collar edging), but you’ll find many tutorials online about this stitch, and with a little practice you can master it. Reverse sc is great for trim!

The other nice thing about the patterns in this series (and many of Annie’s other series) is that they include instructions for crocheting a “pillow form” to hold the doll upright as well as help the skirt keep its shape (so tulle or other stiff materials for underskirts are not necessary).

With the pillow form, you don’t need to place the doll in a metal stand to display this dress. The dress and display are created together from the same pattern and the stand is completely hidden by the costume. Very clever of Annie!

The patterns in the Royal Court series are out of print now, I believe, but you can usually find some on eBay for a reasonable price.

Anne Boleyn crochet doll costume, crocheted by Catherine Chant

Anne Boleyn Costume crochet by Catherine Chant, side view

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