Crochet Spotlight: Gone With the Wind, Part 2

Several years ago, I made a collection of Gone With the Wind-inspired gowns for a private collector. Fourteen outfits in total, 12 from the Southern Belle pattern series from Annie’s Attic, which is now out of print, and 2 original one-of-a-kind creations inspired by patterns for larger dolls that I adjusted and customized for the fashion doll.

In Part 1, we saw four of the gowns, most of which featured the large hoop skirts. Today’s post showcases another four of the gowns. These have a trimmer skirt, but are no less elegant and eye-catching.

Gone with the Wind Style Crochet gown for fashion doll
Decoration Day Gown

Blue and white crochet Gone with the Wind style gown for fashion doll
Flower Shop Dress

Blue Gone with the Wind Style Crochet gown for fashion doll
Embroidered Carriage Dress

Burgundy Gone with the Wind Style Crochet gown for fashion doll
Party Dress With Feathers

Each of these gowns is special in it’s own right. I could never pick a favorite. But if I had to, the green and white Decoration Day dress is definitely a contender with that crocheted trim along the bottom–yes, that is all crocheted cord there, attached by hand in the diamond pattern.

The Flower Shop dress I love for all its little accessories–the hat, the parasol, the handbag. The details in this pattern series were wonderful.

The Carriage Dress is memorable to me because of all the hand embroidery, which I think came out pretty well. It’s not always easy to embroider on crocheted fabric. It’s rather “bumpy.” 😀

The Party Dress is definitely the most stunning of the group, and I would probably have picked it as my favorite, if it weren’t for the memory still sealed in my mind of the labor that went into attaching those feathers!

Let me just say this, for those who have never worked with boa-style feathers before, once you cut them, they get everywhere. My craft room, no matter how hard I tried to contain it, was a cloud of miniscule burgundy feather particles for weeks! I vowed never again to make another one of those dresses. 😀 Which is a shame, because after all that struggle, it sure did come out nice, didn’t it? Maybe once the memory fades I’ll reconsider.

Check back next month for Part 3.

NOTE: Although the Southern Belle bed doll series is no longer in print, you can still find some Southern Belle patterns on eBay from time to time, if you are interested in making them yourself.

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