Beaded Lace Necklace

One of the more popular patterns in my Ravelry Store is this lace necklace. Skill Level: Adventurous beginners; some beading skills are also required. You can purchase this pattern at Stitches and Techniques This project uses only a handful of basic crochet stitches and a couple basic wireworking techniques to attach the beads. ChainContinue reading “Beaded Lace Necklace”


Crochet Spotlight: Edwardian Fashion Doll Gowns – Part 1

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of the Annie’s Attic collector gown series that were released in the 1990s. One of my all-time favorite collections was the Turn-of-the-Century gowns, also known as the Edwardian Ladies collection. They came out originally in 1995 and 1996. You can still find copies on eBay. And aContinue reading “Crochet Spotlight: Edwardian Fashion Doll Gowns – Part 1”

Crochet Spotlight: The Anne Boleyn Costume

The Anne Boleyn costume from Annie’s Attic Royal Court collection (circa 1998) was one of my favorites to crochet. It is also the costume that got me hooked on beading, because as you can see in the picture the headpiece and the bodice are embellished with ruby red beads, and Anne is wearing a beadedContinue reading “Crochet Spotlight: The Anne Boleyn Costume”

1908 Edwardian Bridal Gown

This gown was the first one I ever made from the Paradise Publications series of patterns. Prior to this I had only made Annie’s Attic bed doll historical gown patterns, which focus primarily on crochet techniques. The Paradise patterns include a lot of trim detail with beads or other materials, things I didn’t have aContinue reading “1908 Edwardian Bridal Gown”

Turn of the Century Victorian Ball Gown

We’ve just started a new year and I can’t think of a better crochet project to highlight on such an occasion than this gold sequined turn of the century ball gown. Can’t you just see the wife of a wealthy railroad magnate in the gilded age wearing this stunning ensemble to a New Year’s EveContinue reading “Turn of the Century Victorian Ball Gown”